Karen Harvey

Karen Harvey

Karen has spent her career working with global brands in the areas of luxury, retail, fashion and innovation. Her ability to work in both traditional and non-traditional ways has earned her firm international recognition for bringing some of the industry’s most successful CEOs and creative leaders to powerful global companies. The firm is widely recognized for its unique approach to the executive search process, as well as its Brand Incubation, Storytelling Workshop and Consulting Services. Karen launched her consulting firm in 2001 in order to apply her methodology of working with clients to build their brands in a highly customized way.
This way of working enables her consulting teams to become intimate with their client’s vision, company culture and strategy for growth, while working with them across all regions internationally. By working in a narrow and deep way, the firm has made a significant impact bringing leadership to companies who have valued this approach and a long-term partnership. Some of the company’s clients include: Burberry, Coach, lululemon, Nike, Tiffany, One Kings Lane, and The Row. The firm’s other divisions, Brand Incubation and Advisory Services, engage with entrepreneurial ventures, investors, and large companies. We believe in emerging talent and innovation, and have invested in brands such as Pamela Love and The RunThrough.

Our program, Storytelling Workshop, was initially developed to assist Nike’s global creative leaders in the areas of presentation and storytelling, and now provides coaching for members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Our Brand Incubation division’s newest initiative is Fashion Tech Forum, and the firm is also in the midst of launching a breakthrough digital brand-to-talent online platform, which will be released in June 2014.

Karen began her career in 1977 with a prominent training and development company on the West Coast. In her years with the firm, she worked with companies like Hewlett Packard and Sony, helping them address early challenges of how to help customers embrace technology. As a Zen practitioner for the past thirty years, Karen’s methodology is based on combining her studies in psychology with her focus on integrating Eastern Thought with Western business practice. As an early innovator of this approach, Karen continues to devote herself to the practice of awareness and quieting the mind, to serve clients more effectively. Karen is on the Board of Women In Need, the firm is a CFDA Business Service member, and she created the business innovator award with Fashion Group International. She is also the Founder of The Blue Project, a mentorship program for disadvantaged women. Karen is a graduate of the OPM program of Harvard Business School.